Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday catch up......

Well, how are we all.

I can say I am over batching (DH is away till Monday -will be 11 days total) I am lonely, over back aches (no more really bad attacks but another one on Tuesday night that put paid to my Australia Day celebrations). There was so much I wanted to do whilst DH was away and have not really done anything. Missed out on going to see Tap Dogs tonight as well as I just didn't want to risk my back as I have worked today and it doesn't seem to like work at the moment, unfortunately work is a necessary evil.

But on the positive side, woke this morning at 5.30am so I could make sunrise for some photo's and there was cloud cover, so put paid to one idea but I did manage to get some photo's for another Project 365 POTD and a scrappy challenge "My place in the Sun" over with Jane @ Scrap Beginnings. Looks a lovely journey, why don't you take alook, you might enjoy. Haven't officially started yet but in the planning mode, got to get my head around it all.

Just finishing of some ATC's, my first foray into this world. Have had things planned for a while and a sample made so thought I had better get into finishing this treat, due 07/02/2011. Hopefully will finish this weekend and post Monday. Photo's up when done.

Still planning some fronts for an 'international' card swap, theme 'shappy chic antique easter' how delicious. My mind is racing with ideas and I have some things sketched also have googled some images and hopefully will get started on my sample soon. Need to make 5 card fronts, same but not necessarily identical. Looking forward to this as well as another first in this type of swap. Will post some photo's when up and away.

Well it sounds like I am busy and I am but as you will find I must have the attention span of a gnat and I love to have lots of things on the go and all at one time, lucky I have learnt how to juggle.

Well, I will get back to the tennis (another passion of mine). Will talk soon/Ciao

PS. All this back trouble has made me more determined to get O/S this year, another thing I will have to plan.

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