Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scrappy girls in Kiama 15,6 & 17th April 2011

We have a unit in Kiama which the girls and I have been using for mini breaks away scrapbooking.

This weekend was our second venture away. There was 5 of us this weekend. Moi, Gail, Michelle, Helen and Lesley. Sadly our good friend Margaret could not attend.

We had the best time. On our first weekend we stayed glued to the unit 24/7, this time we changed things a bit.

Firstly, the weather this weekend was atrocious Friday and Saturday but cleared up for us on the Sunday which was great.

Friday night we dined out at a local restaurant a few doors up (lucky 'cause it was pouring), amazing meals. Saturday mornig early walks then after much stirring about 'strippers' coming our surprise maseuses came, well surprise for me anyway. What bliss, 2 hours of pampering each, devine. This is a piccy of Miss H having a pedicure. She looks so content 'cause she had just had a one hour whole body massage, bliss.

Saturday night we ate in but the amazing James had cooked us Moroccan chicken with Olive and Apricot Cous Cous and sent it down with the devine Miss Rosie, Yum. He had also sent Chocolate slice and a gorgeous gluten free cake for Helen and he spoils us, really he does. The man should be bottled.

Sunday morning, Helen and I walked early, then we all breakfasted out and wandered through the markets which were set up all along the break wall parrallel to the man street in Kiama.

In between all of these activities, we scrapped our little hearts out, listening to music and singing along, much to Michelle's disgust.

We had the best time and we are hopefully going to squeeze in another weekend in late June, just after Miss H comes back frm Hawaii and just before 4 of us head off to the LSBS retreat in August. I think a replica of this weekend could be on the cards, it rocked. Oh and the pampering, we must have the pampering again. Loved, loved, loved it. Oh and James the food, we must have the food. Hahahahahaha

March ATC swap @ LSBS

This is my March ATC, theme 'Occupation'.

As I have been working in the accounting field for the last 10 years as an office administrator I thought it apt.

It is a fairly simple card but I thought clean lines were appropriate for my theme. Had a little fun with the title though, hahahaha.

Whew!!!!!!!!!!! What a month it has been

Wow, what a busy month and a half it has been and so many things have happened. I sometimes think that my life is a bit same, same but when you blog you realise just how busy it gets.

A few things to catch up...............

The Kiama weekend was such fun with all the 'kinder Mum's', what a time we had. Linda's house is just amazing and she is a wonderflly warm hostess, we had a ball. Below is the view from her balcony, she is right on the water.

We have all know each other since our children started school in Kindergarten and have remained friends since.

We have a get together once a month, the first Wednesday night of the month at a local spot. A lovelier bunch of women you will not meet tan these 'Gorgeous Girls'. When I get a copy of a group photo I will add.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Quick Update

Hi everyone, so excited at the moment, so much has been happening to me in the month of March just past. I am waiting at the moment for my GF's to turn up and we are heading off to Kiama for a girls weekend. A very dear friend of mine has just finished building her new beachside home and we are off to explore and celebrate another friends milestone birthday. There will be about 12 of us, so much talking, eating and drinking will be happening. Hopefully not too much eating and drinking for me as I am on an amazing new life plan at the moment and I do not want to slow down the momentum. I will share my plan shortly but not enough time at the moment. Have enjoyed doing LO's lately to finish off the LSBS 4-7-11 7 Wonders challenge and the ARTastic challenge and my March ATC challenge. Still doing my photo of the day, though I have a sneaking suspicion that I forgot the 30/03/2010, oops. Will be off now, wll pop up more soon with photo's. Have a lovely weekend, I will be.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wow, what a month

Hi all, had had a really busy month and so much to tell and upload.

For continuity, I will pop up my Linda Arnold pages. we did 4 pages with Linda a I came home and completed 3 more double pages (with the scraps from the kit I might add, very generous kits)

You know when you see a photo, pull it out and think 'I really want to scrap this one' and then you turn around and the pile is huge, this is me. So I was really happy I only used photo's from this pile.

Some from my son's 1st birthday (he is 30 now) and I am very pregnant with DD (only 12 months between these two), one of DD parachuting on her 21st, includes her Poppa who has since passed away, a very special photo, and another of my girlfriend ( to remind me of a great, great day we shared. 'The Bird Man of Emu Plains' is my DH. The lorrikeets come down every day, sit on our pool gate a make a racket until he goes out to feed them. They sit on his shoulder and dance with him, bobbing up and down, so much fun to watch.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kim Arnold

Hi duckies,

Had a fantastic day today @ Scraploot, scrapping with Kim Arnold, a 2009 Master.

What a lovely person, very down to earth, shared all sorts of tips and tricks with us, got to

scrap 4 single page LO's and heaps leftover from our kits.

Went scrapping with the terrible two of Miss H and Michelle, hahahaha, they are such

good company but we are really going to have to get Miss H a Tom Tom, lovely lady with a

terrible sense of direction (maybe it has something to do with that she lives over

Sutherland way and the class was at Blacktown, not realy local area). Will pop back in

soon to update with some pictures of my LO's.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hi all, a quick stop to upload another challenge from LSBS. This is my entry for challenge 5, an awesome challege set by DT member Nicole.
Hubby and I went with friends to Amerca in 2007 and had an awesome time.
Hubby had always wanted to do a Speedway tour and we got to see some amazing countryside whilst we were at it. We traveled 16,000 miles by car, traversed I don't know how many states and saw many things from Niagara Falls, Badlands to Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Disneyland. I would go again tomorrow if asked.
Hubby looks especially happy in this piccie, he was in his glory.
Just did a blog hop over @ scrapmatts, pop over and look see, some amazing DT members over there and you could win a little something.
Off to the craft expo tomorrow (have the day off as I worked last Friday (who said I was silly working last Friday) so will report in with what's what.
Happy scrapping girls.