Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hospital emergency rooms + more

Well, I have had an eventful couple of days. Had what I thought was a really bad back on Tuesday night, slept it off and thought not a thing more until Thursday whilst at work. Got the same sort of low dull back ache again and thought' yeow! hope that back ache is not coming back, well it did, with a vengenance. So bad that after about 1/2 hour of excrutiating pain work called an ambulance and off I was whisked to Westmead Emergency. Unfortunately for me by the time I could get seen by a doctor the pain had subsided (probably had something to do with the wait time of 5 hours), packed off home with 'we don't really know what it was' apart from a 'maybe kidney stones'.

Went to see my own Doctor on Friday morning, more of the same, 'wait n see', then on my way home another attack, caught in my car, ambulance called 'cause I couldn't drive and more time in waiting rooms with same result, don't know what could be causing it, maybe 'nerve pain' from lower back?????

Spent the weekend resting at home which remained uneventful, thank heavens. Some x-rays to get tomorrow, back to work Tuesday and then some more tests at the end of the week and hopefully no more reoccurrances of the dreaded back ache.

Whilst sitting aroung hospitals for many hours managed to get some POTD for my project 365, the first was the Westmead canula and the second is the 'green stick' for pain relief the ambo's give you. Got to love the ambo's, life savers. Made this little black duck feel very happy to see them. Talk later. Ciao

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