Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A bit of girls R & R

My very dear GF Margaret and I shared some girl R & R today. On the menu was funnily enough Bra shopping, yup, we decided it was time. We had seen enough of 'Trinny and Susannah' ™ to know that our 'girls' were not really keeping 'up' with the latest trends so of we went to DeBras™, you will find them here http://www.debras.com.au/index.asp.
This was a great experience. For instance, did you know that you should really just take your bra into the shower, rinse it with your shower gel, rinse again and dry by hanging over the line etc with the line resting gently between the cups (aahhh). Dry by shaping your bra into shape and dry laying flat, never and I repeat never wash in the machine, nor in lingerie bags or the like and lastly never turn one cup inside the other, folding your bra in half.
Tips for prolonging the life of your bra can be found here http://www.ehow.com/how_4503774_extend-life-bras.html.

After making our purchases (DH will be very happy) we then set sail for a little light scrapbook therapy at our favourite local store Fred the Needle™, their blog can be found here http://fredtheneedle.blogspot.com/. See my purchases above.
I really loved Becky Fleck's 'Page Maps' so I indulged myself and bought her Book 2, looks amazing. I also bought some gorgeous red/white polka dot ribbon/tulle, shaped into rosettes, I can see that might make it's way onto a singlet or T Shirt as well as a LO. Some Webster's 'Petitte Papers', some felt squares to make some circle embellies, foam tape and some metal beads to add to some hat pins I bought yesterday (oh! that's right, did I tell you I went shopping with my niece here yesterday, well I did say it was our favourite).
We finished up our day at a local shopping centre for Margaret's fav lunch (kebab) and off home.
A very enjoyable day, thanks Margaret.


  1. I love the Pagemaps book I got it for Christmas!! The fact that you can pull out the maps from the back of the book and put them on a dring is genius!!!

  2. It sure is Michelle, her first book her pull our cards had a little box to put them in but these look more substantial and put on a 'D' ring they will be so portable, fun. Can't wait to use them.