Friday, January 14, 2011

The Lawn @ McLean

For many of you that know me and if you are a new friend you will discover the lawn @ McLean is a passion of my DH's. Some may say, especially the inhabitants of Kironée, his therapy.
He mows it and mows it, fertilises it, waters it, displays it and sometimes he ploughs it.........ploughs??? I hear you say, yes plough.

Just when he gets it looking lovely and it was quite lush after all our rain he does this to it.

DH likes our lawn to be like a bowling green, smooth and firm. To get this look every so often he mows it back to the dirt and today was the day, happy last day of holidays Kim.
While he was ploughing I trimmed our Lilli Pilli's which DH likes to be beaten into submission and spherical. I have to admit our garden looks lovely, simple green lawn (normally), lilli pilli's and a border of crocus (rain flowers) which I must say go beserk, but that is for another post.
Oh well I supose it does provide cheap therapy and I would much rather be outside thatn in doing housework. Housework, oh yes, that's tomorrow's job.

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