Friday, January 14, 2011

Creatures Of Habit

Are you a creature of habit, we are.

My DH likes a 'sense of order'. He likes everything around him to be 'right', his form of right, but right. It provides him with a sense of calm.

So as we are habitual creatures and today is Friday, today we go grocery shopping and have lunch at the 'Chatterbox', this is our Friday ritual. Michelle and Gary are the owners of the 'Chatterbox' a local cafe within our little shooping centre and they are very congenial hosts. They know DH and I and make us feel welcome whenever we go in. today, DH felt like Bruschetta, lovely crisp bread, onion, tomato, a little dressing dressed with rocket and shaved sweet potatoe, mmmmm.

There is something about 'recognition' that I like.
I like to shop in my local area, go for a walk, drive up the street and be able to say hi to those I know. This gives me a sense of belonging, this makes me happy.
That is probably why DH and I have lived in our area for coming up to 35 years. It is nice to belong.

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