Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wow, what a month

Hi all, had had a really busy month and so much to tell and upload.

For continuity, I will pop up my Linda Arnold pages. we did 4 pages with Linda a I came home and completed 3 more double pages (with the scraps from the kit I might add, very generous kits)

You know when you see a photo, pull it out and think 'I really want to scrap this one' and then you turn around and the pile is huge, this is me. So I was really happy I only used photo's from this pile.

Some from my son's 1st birthday (he is 30 now) and I am very pregnant with DD (only 12 months between these two), one of DD parachuting on her 21st, includes her Poppa who has since passed away, a very special photo, and another of my girlfriend ( to remind me of a great, great day we shared. 'The Bird Man of Emu Plains' is my DH. The lorrikeets come down every day, sit on our pool gate a make a racket until he goes out to feed them. They sit on his shoulder and dance with him, bobbing up and down, so much fun to watch.


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  1. Wow, I love how you did this Aunty Kim turning them into double is such a cool idea :-) I love the birdman layout :-)